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A disheartened artist must chaperone his two teenage cousins over a weekend as they each try to capture their life’s passion.

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Scout, the best spoken-word poet in her 8th-grade class, begins having panic attacks on stage. Her older sister Farryn has no idea what she wants to do when she graduates next year. Isaac, the girls’ cousin and a failed artist, has to find a way to cover his roommate's share of the rent in the next three days.

When Scout and Farryn's parents leave for the weekend to try to salvage their marriage, Isaac steps in to chaperone. Over the weekend, the trio must come together to become the people they want to be, before reality catches up with them.

I wrote this film for the people who think they’re on the wrong path - who are stifled by a fear of failure - The people who’ve lost their passion and for the ones who have never found it. My hope is for this film to give comfort to these anxieties
— Kody Cunningham

 Do we ever just “Come of age?”

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Kody Cunningham

Writer | Director | Actor

Kody graduated with a bachelors in film from Savannah College of Art and Design. In school, he worked on over 40 short films in nearly every position before finding his place as a director. He has had short films in multiple film festivals along with being featured on online short film platforms. 

For the last five years, Kody has worked his way up from an additional production assistant to Key Set PA on films for production companies like Netflix, Disney, and Jerry Bruckheimer Films. The combination of working on Hollywood films and short films has given Kody the full spectrum of skills to run the most efficient set possible. 

See some of Kody’s past work here - http://www.kodycunninghamfilm.com/

In my career as an actor, I have worked for many A-list directors including Academy Award winner Steven Soderbergh, Doug Liman, and Gary Ross. I have had the pleasure of working with Kody on several projects and I saw in him in that same talent, dedication, and mindset. I would work with him again in a heartbeat.
— William Mark Mccullough (Sag Actor)

Our Story

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Before I even had an inkling of what my first feature film would be about there was only one thing I knew for certain - It would include Alex and Alayna Bowen. On my first major short film in 2013, I auditioned then 8-year-old Alex. While she didn't get the lead (a regrettable choice that she has never let me live down) she became the favorite of the entire crew. A few months later I had the pleasure to work with Alayna who was the lead in a friend's short film. These initial short films sparked their passion for acting.

Having a good relationship with their parents, on occasion, they would ask me to watch the girls. Slowly, our relationship grew from friends to family. Five years later, when someone asks our relation to each other, we say we're cousins because we might as well be. Through the years, our talks have made it into the script making it more genuine for all of us. The chemistry that has developed between us leaves me with the utmost faith in our combined abilities to create true and engaging performances.


a Location & a Character

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In the last five years I have seen major films use Savannah to mimic New York, Florida, Galveston, Chicago - Not to mention countless period pieces. I want to show the beauty of my city in the way I see it everyday, from the sound of the cicadas, to the heat of the summer nights.  I also hope to showcase as many local businesses as possible because they are what give Savannah its character. When Isaac, Scout, and Farryn walk the streets of the city, they will walk the routes that locals walk and go to the places locals go. 

You must keep searching for the thing that makes you happy in order to find it. 




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